Point of Care Collection

Miller Medical have extensive experience in the Point of Care market supplying everything from simple saliva tests to portable benchtop analysers

We have put together a stunning, comprehensive range of tests that will suit every requirement, most of which are own branded

For blood testing, we have the Veri-Q, a portable unit where you can use three different combination of strips for lipid testing up to the bench top analyser which allows users to screen for up to 14 parameters on finger prick samples

For drugs of abuse, we have every base covered. Comprehensive dip test which incorporates not only a wide range of drugs but also alcohol, nicotine and K2 (spice), individual tests for alcohol, saliva, hair and steroid tests all the way to a full laboratory test for chain of custody

We are the official UK distributor for both the Veri-Q and Benecheck cholesterol monitors and offer unrivalled back up and support for these units

For instant tests for drug and alcohol, these are sourced directly from the same manufacturer for the past 10 years which has built confidence in the brand we use so much so that they are supplied in our bespoke boxes which are barcoded for traceability

Talk to Miller today about prices, supply and sample and we will be happy to assist you

Download the Point of Care Collection Brochure

Miller Medical Supplies are proud to offer a large range of point of care test products, some of which are exclusive and our own brand.

Download the brochure here.

Miller Medical Supplies

Cotinine Testing (Nicotine)

Alcohol & Tobacco Testing

In this range we have testing kits such as the Cotinine Testing (Nicotine)

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Urine Dip Test - 3-8 Days detection

Drugs of Abuse Test Kit Range

In this range we have testing kits such as the Urine Dip Test - 3-8 Days detection, depending on drug type

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Veri-Q Portable Whole Blood Lipid Analyser

Cholesterol Monitor

In this range we have testing kits such as the Veri-Q Portable Whole Blood Lipid Analyser

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Benchtop Chemistry Analyser

Benchtop Chemistry Analyser

In this range we have testing kits such as the Benchtop Chemistry Analyser

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